Tuesday, May 27, 2008

#14 - The Return

The Return is a novel which prominently displays Buzz Aldrin as co-author, how much or little he contributed is unknown. After reading it, one would hope very little beyond technical details and some insight to the mindset and inner struggles of space programs.

It is hokey, scattered, and descends into a dismal slow-motion crash not far past the beginning. This is a case of a book just trying to do too much. There is space tourism, corporate/government spies and espionage, lost love, childhood flashbacks, courtroom drama, a Michael Jordan knockoff, war, and space rescue. Sadly, way too much time is spent on lame courtroom drama and Michael Jordan... er Michael James and almost no time is spent on space. This one drug on for way too long for zero payout, truly terrible. Not Recommended.

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