Wednesday, September 10, 2008

#25 - Hatchet

OK, yes, it is another "young adult" novel but anyone who knows me can attest that they are indeed my favorites, award winners, and not just padding to reach the mythical 52 in 52 number. I genuinely re-read these books yearly around this time and they are the treasured books from my life. I also do not believe in drawing lines between books for "kids" or "adults" to do so would be folly and only succeed in ensuring that one misses out on some great journeys. I grew up in a wilderness-like region of PA and that may have predisposed me to these tales of a young boy's outdoor struggle and survival. Hatchet follows a young boy who is involved in a plane crash in a very remote area and his efforts to survive and be rescued with only a hatchet he had been given as a gift. This story reaches into some tough areas such as divorce and death, but never sugar coats or leads the reader into any particular opinion or view. It is absolutely recommended for anyone young or old.

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