Tuesday, May 19, 2009

#9 - Snake Eyes: Declassified

Ahh... Snake Eyes. Pretty much *THE* most central figure/hero/idol in my life from age 4 onward. My love for just about any other character in any form (music, film, comics, books, cartoons, etc.) is nowhere near the pedestal that on, alone, stands Snake Eyes. This collection of a 6-part mini-series by Devil's Due Publishing was an instant buy for me. But even with my devout affinity, I buy anything related to him with some trepidation. He is wildly popular, and as such he is one of the most exploited characters and in reality he has the least to cover. By nature he is an enigma with almost no identity, information or past. As you can imagine then, all of these types of tales are simply made up to either pander to the fans or try to give back-story where there really is none. Sometimes it comes off as a bad gimmick and occasionally, not often, someone has a unique angle that works. This is one of those times it worked... thankfully. It takes the parts and pieces that have come out over the years and adds just the right amount to them to form a cohesive story. For any fan this is not to be missed. Highly Recommended!

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