Monday, February 1, 2010

#2 - Corduroy

When it comes to selecting children's books for gifts, my wife (who's an elementary school teacher) is perfect for those 10-and-under titles and I generally handle the young adult and up. I had never read or heard of Corduroy before, but being a 40th anniversary edition I knew it must be a classic and favorite of many. I love the artwork and imagination in many children's books, and I am always sorely disappointed when they are just frivolous and phoned-in stories with no real depth or care. Happily this is not the case here! Great artwork and a tale that provokes thought and a jumping-off point for discussion and learning greeted me and actually left me wishing this title was the start of a novel instead of the end of the journey.

Brief synopsis: A teddy bear in a toy shop that is missing a button is constantly passed over, and despite his best efforts to "fix" his shortcoming a little girl desperately wants to love him anyhow. Highly recommended!

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