Sunday, February 8, 2009

#5 - Designing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and Network Infrastructure

Whew, that's a long title. I'm not normally a fan of books aimed at a particular certification because they tend to just teach to the test and offer no real insight. I'm similarly not normally a fan of any Microsoft written book on their own products because they tend to do a lot of self-promotion and hide inadequacies while ignoring possible better third-party solutions. Despite all of this I still plunged ahead and took this large tome of geekness on since it is an area of interest to me. I actually liked this book. Sure, some of the network info gets a broad brush and little depth but the overall Active Directory coverage is very good and does a good job of taking a pretty nebulous concept and making it concrete. If you would like to learn about Active Directory or support it in your daily life this is a solid low to mid-level book on the topic. Recommended.

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