Monday, March 23, 2009

#6 - Miracles on Maple Hill

This is a special one to me. My mother has a love and a connection with nature unlike anyone I know, it is magical. After excitedly watching this past years PA Farm show and learning about making maple syrup from a demonstration by Janet Woods she decided to finally act and tap the sugar maple standing in their front yard. It ended up producing over 12 gallons of sap! During the demo Janet Woods had suggested two books, one called "Backyard Sugaring" and "Miracles on Maple Hill," a 1957 Newbery award winning children's book. It turns out that, while fiction, it is written about a real place and it just so happens to be around Lake Erie which is where Janet Woods' Hurry Hill farm is located. We got to take a trip to the farm recently to see the process firsthand and I decided to read the book. Miracles on Maple Hill is a tale of childhood, adventure, country life, struggles, and joy... and quite an accurate account of the maple sugar process it turns out. Everything is captured in such a real and honest way that you will completely forget this is a work of fiction shortly after beginning. Truly a timeless read for young and old alike, Highly Recommended. Thanks Mom!

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