Friday, November 14, 2008

#36 - Neuromancer

While waiting to receive the rest of the "Lens of the World" Trilogy I decided to tackle a "classic" sci-fi title which basically gave birth to the genre of cyberpunk. I'm a techie/IT Guy/nerd by nature but I somehow missed the sci-fi gene and absolutely hate most space-themed/Sci-fi favorites like Star Wars, Star Trek, Galactica, Battlefield Earth, etc. I am however fully into Fantasy/Medieval genres so I am able to retain my geek card. Neuromancer is kind of a blend of both computers and sci-fi so I have always kept a copy in the hopes of someday reading it.

I can at least say I have now, and I do have to be a bit easier on it since it was groundbreaking and genre-defining. It's always easy to look back and nitpick so many years later and especially since my expertise lies in the computer/network/Internet realm. I am so easily turned off because usually an author has a mere basic grasp of concepts and then proceeds to butcher the hell out of them to seem techie... it may fool the average Joe but it drives me crazy. This is, for the most part, not the case here and in fact Mr. Gibson actually presages a number of technologies and ideas that were in infancy or not invented at the time of writing. If not for that I would have never made it through. It is a choppy read that is esoteric and elusive just for the sake of being so at many points but on the whole it is successful and was a nice change of pace for me. It is a must read for fans of the genre and I can say it is Recommended even for dabblers.

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