Monday, October 27, 2008

#35 - Lens of the World

I used to work near a dollar store which had an unusual book rack. It would be filled with random garbage romance novels and odd celebrity books about Britney Spears or Tom Cruise and then there would always be one or two out of the ordinary ones like a huge copy of Battlefield Earth or, in this case, Lens of the World. It was #1 of a trilogy and from reading the back it seemed like a strange take on a fantasy novel. For a buck I would always pluck out these oddballs and occasionally they were worth it. This one was without a doubt. A wandering optician is not the usual fantasy hero, but after reading as many cliche fantasy novels as I have it is a welcome change. But unlike silly for silly sake novels Lens of the World is richly detailed and complex with just an undercurrent of humor and lightheartedness. R.A. MacAvoy is a superbly talented writer and I was scouring used book stores for the final two in the series before even finishing the first. It appears this series recently was reprinted so it should make it even easier to find. Highly Recommended.

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