Friday, November 21, 2008

#39 - Lonely Planet Guide Kaua'i

Lonely Planet Guides are always tops on my list and earlier in the year when we were planning our honeymoon to Kaua'i it was my first choice. However there is a reason this is one of the books I forgot to post up after reading... it just wasn't the quality I was used to and while useful it was forgettable. This was the guidebook that sent us to a horrible dinner at Kintaro which had been highly applauded. A greasy and unseasoned massacre of Japanese cuisine where I was glad the overly strong Mai Tai at the bar while waiting for a table kept us in good spirits. It did turn us on to a few neat sights but nothing that wasn't covered as well or better in a different guidebook. Depending on your vacation style it might be more useful than it was for us so I'll say it is Recommended. Just stay away from Kintaro no matter what the book says.

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