Wednesday, December 3, 2008

#40 - Tea With The Black Dragon

Sometimes seemingly random events in life become much more. A book I wrote about a while back "Lens of the World" by R. A. MacAvoy that I picked up on a whim in a dollar store led me to seek out and purchase the rest of the trilogy and while I was at it I decided to grab the first two unrelated books "Tea with the Black Dragon" and "Twisting teh Rope." This book was not a fantasy novel as I had thought but ended up being a suspense/mystery title involving Taoism, Tea, Zen Buddhism, and Chinese mysticism/legend... I don't think a single book could contain more of my interests unless I personally wrote it. Totally took me by surprise and in fact was an amazing read that did not allow me to stop turning the pages. Highly Recommended!

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