Thursday, December 11, 2008

#45 - Hardening Network Security

Another big, bulky computer book... This one also specialized to the networking trade, specifically security practices and information. Networks are something most people know nothing about but use every day. The Internet, an office file share, a central network printer everyone can print to, etc. For many the network is a little jack on the wall they plug a cable into and get Internet access or they flip open their laptop and connect to a wireless access point. To make that happen there are thousands of wires, switches, devices, protocols, configurations, and languages all working hard behind the scenes often jammed in janitor closets or basements. As if that isn't enough there are a million more headaches involved in securing that network to keep unwanted people out, wanted people safe, files protected, and on and on. Unfortunately it only comes up when we learn of another hack that leaks thousands of credit card numbers or personal information to the wrong people. I've worked in very high security positions, such as a bank, and take network security very seriously and that is why I read huge tomes such as this in my spare time to stay informed. This is a bit of an older book by now but it still contains a lot of useful information and insight. Recommended.

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