Friday, December 19, 2008

#47 - Southern Exposure: A Solo Sea Kayaking Journey Around New Zealand's South Island

I love to kayak and unfortunately I didn't get out at all this past summer due to being so busy with wedding preparations and being Pennsylvania winter is right out for paddling. I love the solitude and exploration it affords even in waters I have either walked, fished, or traveled via motorboat. I caught the bug on my first trip down the Shenandoah River on a summer vacation where we tackled class 2-3 rapids totally unprepared, miles of flatwater, a bald eagle, and huge carp and turtles swimming along with us. Southern Exposure is Chris Duff's account of his journey around New Zealand. It is well written and delves into his head and thoughts on a number of occasions which can be a bit long and tedious but very real in that when alone you live entirely in your own head. It isn't a harrowing tale of survival or exposure, yet it does have moments, so it can seem a bit mundane or boring but I think I related well due to our similarities in personality and thought. I've always wanted to visit New Zealand ever since close family friends moved there and I was enthralled by the stories and sights. This one probably isn't for everyone but I'd still Recommend it.

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