Friday, October 3, 2008

#28 - Korean Cooking

Korean Cooking is a mass produced book which is basically canned content made to be re-branded by retailers such as Borders or Barnes & Noble. They're the super cheap hardback cookbooks always found in bargain bins. This one stood out because it starts with a very long and great intro to Korea, the people, and the food which is a book in itself and well worth the $4-5 but then follows with some really great recipes and photography. I also have a strong draw to Korea because in a way it was my doorway into Asian culture. My father was stationed on the DMZ and I grew up with tales of this distant land, kimchi, and also my mother had some great Korean family friends who would make us some truly amazing authentic food.

Even though it is a fairly basic overview I actually learned a lot of new tidbits and really enjoyed the photography. I promptly made some kimchi which turned out phenomenally and looking forward to trying the stir-fried kimchi recipe next. Another winner, but possibly too subtly flavored, was a recipe for fish ball soup which I had to slightly alter to increase the flavor of the broth which initially consisted of simply 2L water, 2 tsp of light soy, 2 tsp fish sauce, and a few sheets of nori (dried seaweed). There are many more recipes I'm eagerly awaiting though and for a value cookbook it is Highly Recommended.

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