Tuesday, October 21, 2008

#30 - The Tao of Watercolor

The Tao of Watercolor is a book I have picked up and flipped through more times than I can count but never bought. I finally gave in and just bought it. I've never been big on watercolor painting, preferring oils or Sumi-e due to my inability to think in the quasi-reverse method necessary for watercolors. The one area that does grab me are washes and the ethereal and abstract looks that can be achieved and that is precisely what The Tao of Watercolor showcases. It isn't a howto book though and in fact it is mostly gibberish trying to relate to Taoism filled with the author's, Jeanne Carbonetti, works and some broken down into steps. If you come to it with a solid understanding of watercolors and want to crib a few new techniques and compositions then it is easily worth picking up which was my reasoning, but if you are a beginner or looking for a nice understandable guidebook keep looking. Recommended.

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