Monday, October 27, 2008

#34 - Back To Eden

Back to Eden was another great gift book from my mother. She owns a well loved and used copy that has served her through all of my lifetime and I'm sure before. It is the real, original text for what has now become trendy and hip in the form of organic produce and healthy/green living and whatever else companies have branded it to profit. Basically it is long held knowledge which has served humanity long before 24 hour drug stores, Wal-Mart, or Whole Foods. If you have a malady the natural cure or at least some mitigating relief can be found in Back to Eden. Some great theories and thoughts on living right and healthfully as well as a wealth of knowledge on tons of subjects can be found within. I could see how anyone from a veteran physician to modern day vegan would find this book completely useful and eye-opening. I have read all of the written text but not the entire body of ailment/remedy as that part is meant to be more of a reference and would be like reading a dictionary. I do however consult it all the time and have never been let down even if used in conjunction with prescription medicine or therapy. Highly Recommended.

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