Monday, October 27, 2008

#32 - Off The Beaten Path Hawaii

You know you read too much when you realize that you forgot about entire books you've read. I was looking at my bookshelf for a new title and came across a few books I hadn't listed. Off The Beaten Path Hawaii, 8th ed. was one of the guide books I bought before honeymooning in Kauai, HI and was one of the better books we had with us while on the island. I'm no good at being a tourist, if there is a line or tickets or tour guides or any such "feature" I'm generally already miles away. I like to truly experience the places I travel, eat where the locals do, do the cool non-toursity stuff, and be my own tour guide. Off The Beaten Path Hawaii is a great guide book for those who have a similar outlook on adventure. The beach guides, restaurants, directions, and history are all top notch. There could be a better map included and one recommended restaurant (Kintaro Japanese Restaurant) was just bad. The upside though was Hamura's Saimin Stand (amazing ramen-style noodle soup in a true local setting) and Spam Musubi at the Pono Market which we would never have found in a million years on our own. Easily Recommended to any traveller to paradise. Aloha!

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