Monday, October 27, 2008

#33 - The Massage Book

The Massage Book (25th Anniversary Ed.) by George Downing is an extra special book to me. My mother has always given the best massages. When we were growing up she would put us to blissful sleep by getting us to relax completely as pools of jelly, or when I would be having terrible growing pains in my knees, or just about any time. It was always the most giving and unselfish outpouring of love and her skill could rival any Swedish masseuse. She always had this cool "hippie" massage book well worn and loved. She also always gave this book as a wedding gift to any new couple. Having recently been married one of the most special gifts we opened was the 25th Anniversary Edition of The Massage Book. I knew instantly and it brought a tear to my eye for sure. It does contain nude images but all tasteful and excellently illustrative if a bit hairy :). While I can learn the techniques and skills I don't think I could ever reach the pure essence of love my mother achieved, but that is certainly not a shortcoming of the book. Highly Recommended.

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